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The Saints RC Flying Club is a group of 25 active members who enjoy the hobby of RC Flying. The Club Field is now located on Hall Rd. about 1/2 mile West of Hwy 9, or about 10 miles north of Selkirk Manitoba. The site is also known as Hunt's Roadhouse. 


The Flying Field is approximately 10 Acres of Grass that is also a shared private airstrip. There is ample parking and on-site outhouse facilities. There is Shelter that provides coverage from the sun and occasional summer rain shower. We also have picnic tables for family, friends or guests to take in the flying and enjoy the day. We host Fun Fly events, BBQ, Evening Flying, etc.. If your interested, come out to one of our events.


Saints RC Flying Club

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News & Events

Club Executive Profile

Saints Air Field Signage


The club has upgraded our Flying Field Signage.  The existing one was faded and hard to read.  The sign looks great and thanks to the members who spend the time to do the installation.










Model Airshow Events


A great place to keep tabs on upcoming events is from the MAAC calendar of events.  This can be found on their website at the following link:

Spitfire Mk 9.jpg


Rob Patterson

Rob has been with the club since 2020. He fly's a variety of aircraft, mostly electric and a few glow on a regular basis.  

Flying Wing.JPG



Bobs Planes.jpg


Bob Dueck

Bob is a skilled modeler who keeps the information flowing and takes minutes of meeting.



Joining the Saints


We would love to have you in our Club.   


To join the club, simply click Here or go to our Contact page and reach out to us.  We will then contact you about joining the club and further details.


Membership is $80 per year and we meet monthly during the winter months.  A schedule will be posted on this site once the meetings start in the fall.  Were too busy flying for meetings now..


Our next meeting is not yet scheduled.  Once we have a date, feel free to join us for a meeting.

Randy in the Free Press

Gimli Model Fest


The Gimli Model Fest was another great event this summer.   I cant stress enough that this is the premier go to event for the summer if your a model RC Flyer.


The Airshow is very well done and organized. Its great for the entire family and definately a must see event if your into model planes.


Brian Hoel keeps us inline with a positive balance sheet. Brian is an avid flyer and brings lots of experience to the club.


Randy Hepner

has lead the way for many new members.  Let us know if you need flight instruction.  We will pair you up with Randy or one of our other knowledgeable members if you need some training. ​

During those cold winter months, the Golf Dome Flying is a great place to fly.   During the winter, the Golf Dome Flying happens evey 2nd Friday from 10:00 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.   Below is a great artical that features our Clubs very own Randy Hepner.


Click HERE to read the Article

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